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Black and Red Cool and Funky Computer Lo
Black and Red Cool and Funky Computer Lo

Improved SEO health score 100% and optimise website to be searched out on google

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About the company

Black and Red Cool and Funky Computer Lo

We specialize in providing pruning and felling solutions for complicated and difficult trees, from trees over houses and tiled roofs to trees near flooring and thin surfaces and over electrical networks. We always take care to maintain the entire work area and use ropes to lower branches and trunks in a controlled and safe manner where it is required.

The Approach

Through creation of an effective on-page strategy, landing page development, and a significant link building campaign, we were able to rank all of their residential and intake centers on the first page of Google.

The Challenge

At the point when they drew closer to team of OOBSERVE, their website was not optimised and there were so many major seo issues into the website. Therefore they wanted to resolve their seo issues and searched out on google

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