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Building Brand Through Data - Driven Social Media Audience

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Urdu Bazaar is an online website where users can buy Urdu and Hindi books with delivery at their doorstep. Urdu Bazaar is the fastest growing urdu books website and also reflected on REKHTA platform. 

Team of OOBSERVE has been a strategic partner for Urdu Bazaar digital transformation over the last quarter, beginning with an online ordering experience that increases sales and traffic up to 10 times. OOBSERVE manages Urdu Bazaar omnichannel marketing, promotions, and support across Social Media Marketing Marketing & Google Ads.


The Challenege

At the point when they drew closer to team of OOBSERVE, they were on a make back the initial investment point, ie. the return was equivalent to their spending. Thus, some place they were confronting misfortune.

The Approach

Our Vision for the client was to get the brand awareness and reach up to 10 times in order to hit sales and ad spend as they were spending so much money. Here our biggest challenge was to structure the campaigns which were running. We started with optimization of keywords for all the retargeting, interes based brand awareness campaigns .Once campaigns were done, then we started with optimization of look a like  campaigns , optimising conversion campaigns and hitting more than 1M traffic and elevate ROAS up to 18X.

The Results

Fragmenting and progressively refreshing crowds dependent on their devotion status and affinity to change over prompted a 1600% Incremental ROI steady profit for advertisement spend and a 3.5% gradual lift in transformation rate, causing URDU BAZAAR promoting to spend more productive and arriving at key clients when it made a difference most.


Incremental ROAS


incremental lift in conversion rate

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