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Achieved growth hacking business for Hand drawn posters industry and drive 100K traffic

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There once was a family that went to a festival in Portland. As you may know, Portland has several fountains that are designed to be played in. This family's kids wanted to play so they took off their socks and shoes and rushed in. But somehow when they came back, one of their socks was missing. Despite looking everywhere, they couldn't find it. The child was really uncomfortable so they asked for the car key and went with their older sibling to get another pair from their luggage.  As luck would have it, when their parents asked for the key back they couldn't find it anywhere and the car auto-locked, so they couldn't check inside or get the spare key which was in the mom's purse in the glove box. "I told you I'd need my purse," She reminded her husband. But their luck turned when they heard on the festival loud speakers that their raffle number had been picked for a free custom portrait of their family in the style of their favorite show.  From then on they always told people when asked about the custom portrait that it only cost them a sock and key.


Team of OOBSERVE has been a strategic partner for Sock & Key digital transformation over the last quarter, beginning with an online ordering experience that increases sales and traffic up to 10 times. OOBSERVE manages  Social Media Marketing. 


The Challenege

At the point when they drew closer to team of OOBSERVE, they wanted to reach audience up to 10 times in order to increase their sales and aware people and relevant product reach through social media marketing techniques.

The Approach

Our Vision for the client was to get the brand awareness and reach up to 10 times in order to hit sales and ad spend as they were spending so much money. Here our biggest challenge was to structure the campaigns which were running. We started with optimization of keywords for all the retargeting, interes based brand awareness campaigns .Once campaigns were done, then we started with optimization of look a like  campaigns also after having some good number of traffic and sales.

The Results

soft and key gets incremental 100K audience reach under $14 cost per result. 

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Incremental Audience Reach


Cost per result


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