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How to setup facebook ads and connect it with a shopify store

Published : 25th March, 2020

Adam Echoles


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Shopify sellers can easily setup their facebook ads account and run ads immediately and show it to relevant audience and this article will be very useful for you if you are a Shopify seller.


You’re at a point where you have set up a shopify store real nice, but then you think, oh wait!! 

Where am I going to market this? First thing you have in your mind is Facebook and google. Yeah right...the largest user base in the world is owned by these two tech giants. 

You want to start with facebook first. Well how will you actually start? What are the initial steps involved? That’s where the steps mentioned below will help you get started with facebook advertising. But, before you start off with facebook there’s just one prerequisite & that is:
You Should have an active facebook profile for at least 6 months roughly. 

1. Create your business account

Go to and click on “create account” on the top right.

Go to and click on “create account” on the top right.

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Fill in the details that’s been asked and click submit

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And boom!! You have a brand new business manager account...but wait. The task is just 10% done. Now you have to go to step 2

2. Create ad account

Click on “business settings” then under accounts click on “ad account” create a new account

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Fill in the information and then you’ll be asked to add a payment method, you can add it immediately or later, but you’ll have to add it anyway in order to run any ads. The ad spend will be deducted from the payment method you’ll be adding here. 

3. Add facebook and instagram page

Now you’ll have to add a facebook page and an instagram business account with which you want your ads to deliver on the platform. In order to do this, go to “pages” you can add any existing page or create a new one. 

Same applies for the instagram page as well.

Create a fb pixel and connect it with shopify store

Go back to business settings and under data sources, click on “pixels” on the top find “add” 

  • Name your pixel and enter your website URL and close the pop-up

  • Now, head back to your shopify store. 

  • Under sales channel, find “facebook” and install it if not installed already

  • Go to “facebook shop” out of three options you’ll have after you open the app.

  • Complete the following steps in the below image one by one. 

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That’s it! You’re all set to launch your first ad campaign on facebook now. 

Additional tip: As soon as you setup your facebook shop, there will be three advantages of doing this. 

  1. Your facebook pixel will be connected to your shopify store, which means you will be able to track all the activities the user performs on the store.

  2. If your products are policy compliant with facebook, you can use facebook shop feature to display products on your facebook page. 

  3. A default catalogue named as “product catalog for” will be imported your facebook business manager under catalog section will all the products listing. So, you don’t have to be worried about spending hours creating .csv files in order to set up a catalog for remarketing campaigns you’ll be launching in the future. 

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