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Get ATS Optimised PDF Editable CV & Cover Letter For Freshers & Working Professionals in INR99/-

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Why We Started

At, An initiative taken by working professioanls with the help of OOBSERVE.COM (Award Winning Company), recognized a significant challenge facing both freshers and working professionals: their resumes and CVs were not effectively showcasing their skills and experiences, resulting in fewer calls from HR departments. This problem was largely due to the inability of their documents to pass through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which are widely used by companies to filter and rank applications.

After extensively analyzing this issue, we discovered that many candidates, despite having the right qualifications and experience, were missing out on opportunities because their resumes lacked the appropriate job descriptions, skill sets, and keywords necessary to pass ATS filters.

To address this, we undertook a thorough analysis of thousands of job descriptions across various industries. Our goal was to identify the specific language, key phrases, and content that ATS software prioritizes. With this knowledge, we designed impressive CVs and resumes that not only highlight the candidates' true potential but also optimize the content to meet ATS criteria.

By tailoring each resume with industry-specific keywords and well-crafted job descriptions, we ensure that our clients' applications stand out and reach the hands of hiring managers. Our approach significantly increases the chances of selection, helping candidates secure the job opportunities they deserve.

At, our mission is to bridge the gap between qualified candidates and potential employers, making the job search process more effective and rewarding.

Help us so that we can help you to get maximum HR calls.It's just an initiative from us.Buy & download our ATS Optimised CVs and give your feedback in the form of reviews on our website

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